3. Pre (second) conference: Random ‘Cave’ Thoughts

Random ‘Cave’ Thoughts… 

What is an immersive learning environment?

What is ‘the cave’?

The ‘cave’ = Immersive learning environment 



  • One school calls their immersive environment the ‘Wow Room’. They used VR glasses and a 360 degree camera (first conference was funny seeing the small unnoticed movements memories). The ‘Wow Room’s’ objective was for pupils to learn how to map weather hazards. Initially, I presumed an environment so different to a classroom would lack educational information, however from looking at the Powerpoint I know see it is very easy to implement subject/ curriculum information within activities.

  • What will our immersive environment be called? The Wow Room? The Cave? The Virtual Classroom? Does the name matter? I’ll find out during the second conference and you’ll find out in the next blog post!

  • I have began making notes on the recommended reading (Fifty Major Thinkers on Education: From Confucius to Dewey). I am currently up to John Locke (page 46). Really like this book + I have used it in my previous uni assignments BUT VERY LONG AND VERY WORDY.

  • Pedagogy = Describing relationships between the approach that teachers use and the conceptual underpinnings of those concepts. → This is very interesting considering an immersive learning environment is quite a different teaching/ learning approach to a classroom. → TO DO: MAKE NOTES ON THE PEDAGOGY READINGS PROVIDED (ASAP).

  • Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

VR = The Wiki View: Immersive multimedia or computer simulated reality, replicates an environment that stimulates a physical presence in places in the real world or an imagined world, allowing the user to interact in that world.

→Head mounted displays [(market+media) https://blog.markgrowth.com/14-best-examples-of-vr-marketing-that-will-inspire-your-next-marketing-tactics-cec6750555e3]

360 degree video VR? Yes as it’s an immersive video of a real world scene but it is pre filmed???

→→Computer generated VR

AR = The Wiki View: Live, direct or indirect view of a physical, real world environment whose elements are augmented by computer-generated sensory input such as sound, video, graphics or GPS.

VR in schools:


‘Fineman also noted that AR and VR are, “different ends of the same spectrum”.’

‘Virtual field trips’ ‘Special education’ ‘Medical uses’

The Sony PS VR was the best-selling VR device in 2017 with 1.7 million units according to https://www.statista.com/topics/2532/virtual-reality-vr/.

  • The Cave + Creativity ↔ Creativity Cave
  1. Emotion
  2.  Identifying goals/ objectives (seen in the Wow Room)
  3. Problem and solutions (ideas)
  4. Real life
  5. Outside Resources
  7. Sir Ken Robinson TED Talks (Do schools kill creativity?)

Sat 19th Jan Pre-reading


Introduction section: ‘As virtual reality (VR) mediated through head-mounted displays (HMD) becomes more affordable, children and young people are beginning to engage with the technology during leisure and school time.’

⌊ Still controversial? Disadvantages: 1. Limits human connections 2. Functionality 3. Addiction 4. Expensive

Advantages: 1. Incredible visual experiences 2. Increases engagement 3. Doesn’t feel like work 4. No language barrier

Related literature section: ‘The first comprehensive outline of the conceptual basis for the educational applications of VR was produced by Winn who highlighted how virtual environments allow learners to experience the microscopic and representations of abstract concepts in concrete ways.’

Results section: ‘There is very limited research on the ethics of using immersive technologies with children and young people.’

‘You are immersed with learning more and it keeps the engagement level up’

‘removes the distraction of the classroom’

— much more interesting points but this blog post is becoming quite long… may be wise to make another blog post on readings? —

  • My own research/ readings 

Susan shared something about museums in a recent email and I happened to find quite an interesting 2012 article.

Even though the article is orientated towards learning in museums, some points made are still relevant….

Click to access 56a120ad08ae984c4498cf15.pdf


  • Solidify a more prominent plan/ structure with the cave edlab group, on what route our immersive learning environment will take 

The End.






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